BE THE ONE Training

BE THE ONE is in partnership with i Understand and Mosaic Counseling to inform, educate, and change the narrative or mental/brain health illness and suicide while raising awareness and reducing stigma on the topic.


Offer support and resources

Narrate conversation

Encourage treatment, support, and conversation

Our Goal

This educational training course is designed to raise awareness and inform participants about mental/brain health illness and suicide, while simultaneously changing the narrative and reducing stigma around the topic. When support comes from a place of love and understanding, we have much better results than when we react with fear and judgment. i understand hopes that this training will help you help the one you love who is struggling.


The BE THE ONE training course will be held in a variety of settings including (but not limited to); businesses, schools, places of worship, virtual platforms, as well as other venues. It is intended for groups of people who have an interest in learning more about preventing suicide and identifying signs and symptoms that may be present when an individual is struggling with a mental/brain health illness, understanding the common denominator of all suicides, reframing language surrounding mental/brain health and suicide, and gaining access to additional resources and support.

“This training session is an excellent overview on “being the one” for someone who is struggling with a mental illness, pain, or suicidal thoughts, whether as a therapist or a caring layperson. i understand and Mosaic Counseling are shining a light on stigma, starting the difficult conversation, providing solid advice, and offering support to those who have lost a loved one to death by suicide.”

Quote from Rae Green, JD, LPC, CAADC, the founder of Sanford Behavioral Health.

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