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Help us reduce the stigma of suicide by changing the definition.

Our Passion

At i understand we believe that to truly change the way people view and talk about suicide, we need to focus on the illness and pain and not the act.

Our Goal

i understand believes that one important step to eliminating the stigma of suicide is to change the definition of the word itself. Updating the stigmatizing definition about intentionally taking one’s own life to one about suicide’s role as a terminal side effect of mental/brain health illness or pain will open up conversation about mental/brain health and encourage those who are struggling to seek help.


1. the intentional taking of one’s own life.

2. the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.
source:, Merriam-Webster Dictionary

i understand DEFINITION

1. a side effect of a mental/brain health illness or pain.

2. the result of wanting one’s physical or emotional pain to end.

Change the Conversation, Change Lives

We understand the importance of choosing one’s words wisely. Words have impact. By removing stigmatizing words such as kill, commit, crazy, insane from our narrative we will reduce stigma and judgment attached to mental/brain health illness and suicide. If we talk about the illness rather than the act with compassion, we can bring a better understanding to the suffering our loved one was living with.

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