Behind the Smile with Vonnie Season 1

Behind the Smile with Vonnie Season 1 is available where you listen to your favorite podcasts or on SoundCloud
Tara 2

In the first episode of Behind the Smile, Vonnie chats with Olympian & NBC Sports commentator, Tara Lipinski on how three simple words spoken years ago, helped Vonnie heal. Tara inspires again with three words that are small but mighty, just like her!

Janna updated

Vonnie’s chat with Dr. Janna Hibler is personal on many levels. Sharing the benefits of nutrition and her personal history with narcissism, is an honest and meaningful conversation, one Vonnie could relate to and one that found them both hiding Behind the Smile.

Claire Anderson

A ray of sunshine meteorologist from Seattle, Claire Anderson, was done hiding behind her smile. Her heartfelt conversation with Vonnie on the loss of her father to suicide is inspiring.

Jordan Carson

Jordan Carson is West Michigan’s sweetheart, a television host and an award-winning journalist. The loss of her sister to an eating disorder has created a deep passion for mental health awareness.

Jeff Bennett

From concept to reality, the creator of ‘The Wall’ shares how his idea became the number one game show in the world. Jeff Bennett’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for mental health awareness is also discussed.

Dino Paganelli

What is it like to be a NFL football official? Find out! Dino Paganelli shares his experiences from the field as well as what really drives and motivates him – his love for his late wife and family.

Ginger Zee

Vonnie refers to her as a tornado through the stigma surrounding mental health. Ginger Zee’s transparency about her own life experiences proves to be inspiring and provides hope for others.

Laura Powers

Celebrity psychic Laura Powers joins Vonnie to chat about tuning into signs from the universe that we can sense but not see. Listen and learn about how intuition, manifestation and serendipity all play a role in our lives.


Be the One with Aaron and Vonnie Season 2

Be the One Season 1 is available where you listen to your favorite podcasts or on SoundCloud

Dr. Beth DeRose joins Aaron and Vonnie to discuss how the current loss of community and connection is affecting our children and gives us tips on how to bolster their coping skills. She also reminds us that in order to help others, we must put our mask on first.

Shandy Longcore, founder of embracing imperfections, joins Vonnie and Aaron to discuss her ‘why’ and how she has been called to share her story of being a suicide attempt survivor. Shandy reminds us that each of our lives has a purpose and we are here for a reason.

Vonnie and Aaron are joined by celebrity psychic, Laura Powers, who is also an actress, author and creative entrepreneur. Laura shares her journey to becoming a psychic medium and her insights on angels, life after death and manifesting to better understand and change your life.

Brandin Staglin, President of One Mind, joins us via phone to discuss the initiatives of his family-run brain health organization. In this episode you’ll hear his story about coming back from schizophrenia, the important work One Mind is doing to help neuro-atypical people, and why the term “Brain Health” is replacing “Mental Health.”

Doug Meijer returns to discuss depression and a change in terminology from mental health to brain health. Learn about the Doug Meijer Innovation Center that is being built in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and more!


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