i understand is partnering with Doug Meijer for the Meijer Brain Health Minute to bring important messages to West Michigan on how to improve ones overall mental wellness. Mental wellness is about all aspects of life, the social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.

February – American Heart Health Month

Metro Health Cardiologist, Dr. Barbara Karenko joins Doug Meijer to talk about the relationship between stress and Cardiomyopathy, a group of diseases that affect the heart muscle.
Heart Disease Nutrition    Blood Pressure    Heart Attack Signs & Symptoms

March - National Nutrition Month

Dr. Janna Hibler from Empowered Medicine joins Doug to focus on nourishing your mind, body and soul by making informed food choices and developing healthful eating habits.
Jordan Carson’s award winning documentary – Dying to be Thin

April – National Alcohol Awareness Month

The importance of bringing awareness to the topic of alcohol consumption, abuse and addiction is imperative to our own health and those around us. Doug is joined by David Green, CEO and President of Sanford Addiction Treatment Centers, to share the relationship between addiction and mental/brain health.

Alcohol Awareness   Alcohol Facts   Sanford Treatment Centers

May – Mental Health Awareness Month

During Mental Health Awareness month, we encourage you to ‘be the one’ for someone who may be living with a mental/brain health illness. As Doug, Vonnie and Dr. Eric Achtyes, Director of the Division of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at MSU College of Human Medicine, all state – seeking help is the first step toward mental wellness.

June – National PTSD Awareness Month

Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) is a mental/brain health condition that is most often the result of a traumatic experience. Doug and Kent Riddle, President and CEO of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital share the symptoms of PTSD and a message of hope.

July – Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Doug and Dr. Bill Pink, President of Grand Rapids Community College, are joining forces  to voice the need for better mental/brain health resources in our minority and underserved communities.

August – Children's Mental Health Month

Doug and Dr. Subodh Jain, VP of Behavioral Health at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, joined forces to highlight the need to recognize, treat and talk about children’s mental/brain health illnesses and pain just as we do all other illnesses.

September - Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Are you are experiencing suicidal ideation, in pain, or struggling with a mental/brain health illness? Doug, Vonnie and Jill Krause, CEO of Forest View Hospital, remind us that help is available – call or text today.

October - Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying comes in many forms and can occur at home, work, school and online. We invite you to join Doug and Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young to bring community-wide awareness to this unacceptable and potentially life-threatening behavior.

November - National Family Caregivers Month

November’s Meijer Brain Health Minute features Doug and Mayor Rosalynn Bliss expressing gratitude for anyone who has the role of caregiver in any capacity – recognizing their dedication and celebrating their efforts.